I’m Ronnie Nurss.

I like start ups.

I have over 9 years of helping Sacramento based start ups grow revenue and expand their sales team.  I currently work at Grin.  I’ve previously worked at DialSource, Square, and a few other early stage start ups.

I like reading and writing.

I studied Journalism at Sacramento State University and have been published in the Sacramento Bee, Goal.com, and the State Hornet.  I’m getting back into writing about things I find interesting on this blog.

I like to learn.

I read everything I can… biographies, non fiction, fiction, philosophy.  I try and do a lot things to see what I like and what sticks.

I like to explore.

Discovering new places and having new experiences.  It could be as small as checking out a new restaurant or trail and as big as experiencing a new city or country.

I believe in life-long learning, being authentic, giving more than you receive, and leaving every room better than it was before you entered it.